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What we believe

Find Local Food is a group of focused and dedicated social entrepreneurs? that love to create positive social change. We build tools that empower people to support local food, the foundation of our health, land, and future generations.

Our business operates under an L3C? entity combining profitability with social responsibility. We believe in financially strong businesses that focus on social innovation. You are welcome to join us.

Find Local Food

We believe that it is important to know where your food comes from. We help you meet, face to face, the people in your community who grow, make and produce your food.

Connecting Growers

We help growers connect to the people in their community that support locally produced foods. This reduces their concerns how to sell, so they can get back to doing what they do best.

Locavore Classifieds  

Our Locavore Classifieds quickly connect buyers and sellers. That means fresher food faster for you.

Invest in People

As we grow we invest back into the community. We help provide financial and other resources to incubate projects that promote sustainable local food production. 

Mandala made of seeds

Learn to Grow

As our project expands we'll place heavy emphasis on bringing you the tools to start growing your own food.

Love to Eat

We love to eat! Eating healthy nutritious food brings people together. Enjoy our favorite recipes.

Support Local Economy

When you buy local, your dollars stay local. We believe supporting local artisans can help build healthy, sustainable, inter-dependent local economies.

In Focus

We bring our communities in focus with news articles that share what great work others are doing. 


“I thank you for the seeds … Too old to plant trees for my own gratification, I shall do it for my posterity.”
Thomas Jefferson

Who we are

  • Peter Richardson

    Peter has a huge heart for people, loves fresh organic food and uses technology to connect people together. He has worked in information technology since 1996, spent 12 years organizing thousands of people over 100 international retreats in personal development, and owned an organic produce CSA. Read More

    Executive Director, Founder
  • Sheri Rodwell

    Sheri grew up in a small community on Vancouver island, Canada in the 1970's where everyone worked together to raise their children. At an early age, this rooted Sheri in the importance of family, community, and the responsibility to create one's own individual life. Read More

    Marketing Director, Founder
  • New Team Members

    We are expanding! Soon we will begin hiring new team members. Stay tuned ... 

    Coming Soon