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If you are a local food producer or promote locally produced foods in your community it's time to Get On The Map! Listings are free.
If you know of another business that is not on the map, contact support and we'll list it

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Farms & Orchards

A locally owned or family farm business that grows and sells vegetables and/or fruit to the general public; 2 or more acres of land must be used to grow.

Small Growers

An individual or small group cooperative that grows vegetables and/or fruit to sell to the general public; less than 2 acres of land used for growing. Backyard gardeners, hobby gardeners, and small professional growers fall into this category.

Farmers Markets

Locally organized markets that organize and promote producers of local foods, usually in an open air style gathering place; open to the public.

Farm Boxes / CSA

Farms and local distributors of high quality foods with strong emphasis on locally grown foods; regionally grown foods may be included to supplement for variety and allow for the CSA to continue all year around; distribution includes home delivery and/or distribution points.

Natural Food Stores

Small locally owned stores and cooperatives that promote natural and healthful foods often carrying bulk items, personal care items, supplements, and produce. We do not include large chain or corporate owned stores.

local food buisnesses

Artisan Bakery

A home or locally owned bakery who's products emphasize homemade breads using natural ingredients, locally sourced if possible, with a high ethic in quality. Usually these products are hand made in small batches using traditional methods.

Apiary / Honey

A local apiary (bee yard) and honey producer that sells to the public. They manage hives to help local growers and farmers with pollination.

Meat, Eggs & Dairy

Producers of locally raised meats, eggs and dairy. Includes pasture raised animals, free-range chickens and foul, and family owned dairies. These farms do not practice concentrated animal feeding (CAFO) or inhumane treatment of the animals.

Restaurants (Farm to Table)

Locally owned restaurant or cafe that uses at least a partial supply and emphasis on locally grown fruit and vegetables, locally raised meats and other products; these restaurants tend to be conscious of using healthful ingredients in their dishes. 

Community Composting

Locations that accept organic kitchen scraps that are composted and used by farms to grow more food! By collecting these 'wastes' we complete the natural cycle of growing and put nutrients back into the earth.


Listing Guidelines

Listings are for businesses that promote locally produced foods in their community and are for Food Only. Please use this service with respect towards all people and follow the guidelines so that everyone may safely sell food. Listings are free.

  • Only list and manage your own business; if you know of a business that is not on the map, contact support and we'll list it
  • List businesses that produce, sell or distribute local food (no crafts, or non-food businesses)
  • Organizations that manage multiple businesses should create separate listings for each business and connect them; for example, a farm that run a CSA should create one business listing for the farm and a separate listing for the CSA, then connect them (the farm business supplies the CSA business)
  • Create one account for your organization; you can have multiple listings under your account
  • List the physical address for your business; use Hours and Notes to indicate if location is open to the public
  • Tell your story and let the visitor know who you are, how you got started, what types of foods you produce, sell or serve
  • Post photos that show the color and beauty of food! Logos are ok for the Thumbnail image but imagery is better for the large Banner image
  • Keep your profile updated and current; you have full control of your listings
  • Please encourage Natural Food Stores, Farm to Table Restaurants, CSAs and other food producers to create their own listing and make a connection to your business
  • Read our Terms of Use for this service